Gap Coupon previously known as a MetroCard

A few months ago, I told you that the MetroCard in New York was soon going to be covered with ads here. In an effort to produce more revenue while keeping the cost of fares down, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority decided to sell advertising space on the front of the MetroCard. So, who is the first company to be featured? None other than Gap. 10 percent of all MetroCards purchased at the 10 subways stops closest to Gap’s flagship store on 34th and Broadway feature an all blue MetroCard with the slogan, “Be Bright NYC”. The card also doubles as a 20% coupon that can be used from now until November 16th on all purchases bought at the flagship Gap store. No word yet on how much the campaign cost Gap, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was upwards of $30,000.

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True Love

Tiffany & Co is best known for its expensive jewellery and amazing engagement rings. Every girl dreams of receiving a little blue box with something special inside. Not to mention, most girls would kill to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A year ago, I was blown away with their love letter campaign that featured different love letters in their store display windows. Each letter shared a romantic story with a piece of jewellery that some lucky lady received from her loved one.

This summer, Tiffany & Co launched a new campaign, What Makes Love True, aimed for the true Tiffany & Co girl; a hopeless romantic. The website features love tips, free love song downloads, true love stories and the most romantic places to visit in New York City.

What is so great about this campaign is that it is really aimed directly at their audience. Would every person visit this website? No. But not everyone is a Tiffany & Co customer. What Makes Love True is a great escape for those romantic souls looking for a place to share, learn and love.

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The Fine Line of Branding

I’ve always been attracted to IKEA’s sleek furniture at a reasonable price. I mean, building a dresser that has a million parts is a whole other story, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pulled a (500) Days of Summer and played house at IKEA.

One of my favourite things about visiting my local IKEA is that after I spend an hour or so exploring the different rooms and re-designing my entire house in my mind, I get to have lunch for under three dollars. So when I heard that IKEA is now brewing its own beer, I wasn’t that much shocked as I was confused. What does this mean?  And why is this necessary?

I mean, on one hand, I guess some people may like to have a beer when they are building their furniture, but at the same I don’t think this matches the brand identity at all. IKEA is a furniture store. They have a huge section for children and thrive off of a family lifestyle. That being said, their furniture is also noted as being very popular amongst young professionals living in condos and apartments. Perhaps brewing and selling their own beer is perfect for the 25 year olds entertaining on a budget.

The problem with a large retailer like IKEA is targeting the right market without offending others. Selling beer might be perfect for singles, but definitely not for the family driving their minivan.

Although IKEA has only started brewing its own beer at one location in Britain, it is possible that this can increase to other countries. So what do you think about IKEA brewing its own beer? Is this representative of their brand or do you think some might find it too focused on partying twenty year olds?

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How Times Have Changed

When you have a toothache, do you grab some Tylenol or Advil? How about Cocaine? Babble, a blog “for a new generation of parents”, just released some shocking vintage medicine advertisements. Back in the day, parents were giving their children doses of Meth, Heroin and Cocaine to cure some of the most common illnesses such as colds, throat pains and toothaches. It’s crazy to think that perhaps someday in the future, people will be looking at our ads with the same form of disgust, “I can’t believe they consumed that!” Take a look at some of the advertisements and see which (illegal) drugs were actually found in each medicine.

“Lloyd Cocaine Toothache Drops:
Cocaine was sold over-the-counter until 1914, which was otherwise known as the good old days.”

“Eli Lilly Amphedroxyn:
Amphedroxyn [or, meth, as we know it today] is often preferable to other forms of amphetamine.
Photo credit: ”

“Asthma Cigarettes:
‘Not recommended for children under 6.’ Because that would be unhealthy.”


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Cheese, Please!

If you know me, you know I love McDonald’s cheeseburgers. So when I saw this advertisement created by DDB Stockholm, it made me laugh. I’m not sure who in their right mind wouldn’t want cheese on their burgers, or why McDonald’s truly feels they have to defend their delicious creation of a burger (I know, I need to try more food) but alas, this ad does the trick. While it is wordy, it’s also comical, personable, and pretty accurate. So as the print ad states,“Call me crazy, but what can be better than cheese? What can be more satisfying than to let your mouth embrace a fresh cheeseburger? Not much, my friends. Not much.”


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Iconic Brands Sprucing it Up

The most common attribute about iconic brands is the fact that people recognize them solely on their logo, message and consistency. Lately, it’s becoming a trend to see these well-known brands swap their old and beloved logos for something new and hip. While sometimes this isn’t the best idea, take the Gap Fiasco for example, but sometimes it is for the better. Brands do not want to appear boring, aged and old. So the best way is to still remain recognizable but spruce it up a bit to appeal to the public.

This month, Ebay released a new logo; the first change in the past 17 years. Ebay’s new logo is fresher and visually appealing but is still identifiable with the Ebay brand.

Earlier in the summer, we also saw these logo changes for Twitter and Microsoft.

These three brands show that you can reinvent a logo without displeasing their audience. What do you think of the latest logo changes from some of the most iconic brands of today?

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Andy Warhol + Campbell’s Soup = Awesome

To celebrate the 50th anniversary since Andy Warhol first showed his Campbell’s soup art, Campbell’s soup has created 4 limited edition soup cans sold exclusively at Target for 75 cents. This is quite a contrast to how Campbell’s originally responded to Andy Warhol. In 1962, when Campbell’s first learned that Warhol had used their iconic soup cans to make art, the company was planning to file legal action. After the paintings were received well by the public, Campbell’s decided to embrace the positive attention and even reached out to Warhol, thanking him and sending boxes of tomato soup to his house.

Andy Warhol is known for turning household items, regular objects, and day-to-day sightings into iconic pop art. He looked at the world as art, and expressed this though his paintings. The cans will only be available for a limited time so who wants to take a road trip to Target with me?


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