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The Ten Year Old Takeover

Grip Limited, a Toronto based ad agency, celebrated their tenth anniversary by letting a group of 10 year-olds take over. I think they nailed it. Grip Limited Presents: The 10-year-old Takeover from Grip Limited on Vimeo.

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Putting Things into Perspective

My Facebook newsfeed is normally covered with marginally funny memes, annoying status updates, and random articles. I often find myself bored of what people share and question why someone thinks it’s even necessary to tell their 756 Facebook friends that … Continue reading

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The Fine Line of Branding

I’ve always been attracted to IKEA’s sleek furniture at a reasonable price. I mean, building a dresser that has a million parts is a whole other story, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pulled a (500) Days … Continue reading

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Social Media: A Positive Perspective

Five years ago, Jordan Hilkowitz was a non-verbal five year old. Today, he hosts a YouTube channel with over 2.5 million viewers and 7,273 channel subscribers. Jordan, who was diagnosed with autism, always had a hard time communicating and making … Continue reading

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Although this commercial premiered during the Olympics, I only saw it for the first time today. A boy, let’s call him Christopher, runs upstairs after a long day and mistakenly walks in on his parents getting frisky. Let’s just say … Continue reading

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I Love the Olympics

Every two years, I face the same dilemma – which do I like better, the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics? Initially, I go straight to winter; bobsledding, skiing, snowboarding. Watching athletes do their flips and turns, in snow; what … Continue reading

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