Putting Things into Perspective

My Facebook newsfeed is normally covered with marginally funny memes, annoying status updates, and random articles. I often find myself bored of what people share and question why someone thinks it’s even necessary to tell their 756 Facebook friends that they went to the gym at 6am and that they feel great! Yawn. Perhaps it’s because I work in the marketing world, so I tend to look at what people share on social media with a magnifying glass. The way I see it, a person’s Facebook page is really their very own brand page, and selling me your life stories such as, “My English Prof sucks!” or “I was so wasted this weekend I lost a shoe!” is just not cutting it. I am not buying what you’re selling.

But every so often, I find some status updates extremely interesting. The articles can be informative. The memes can make me laugh. And most importantly, I’m learning about what people are interested in (unless it’s about working out… in that case, I don’t care how many kilometres you ran today).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a video being shared numerous times. #FirstWorldProblems. Doesn’t seem like anything new, this ironic joke has been going on for a while now. Nevertheless, I decided to watch the video that was continuously being posted. The video is a shocking portrayal of how ridiculous it is to complain about First World Problems, or the lack thereof.

Filmed in Haiti, on the same streets where many of the people in the video live, Haitians read actual tweets that people have tweeted with the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag on Twitter. With an array of people chosen to be featured, some are old while others are young; it really puts into perspective that these problems are ridiculous. Of course, we already knew that – at least some of us.

The idea of the commercial is to really display how lucky we have it living in a first world country. Some people in Haiti don’t have a home. Many of them are orphans. And you don’t need to go to Haiti to find this misfortunate, as it truly can occur anywhere. The point that is trying to be made is to ‘think before you tweet.’ There are bigger things in life than complaining about something that a person elsewhere would love to have. As the PSA states, First World Problems are not problems at all.

The campaign was made for Water is Life, an organization that helps give clean water to those in need in third world countries and the video was produced to promote the organization and hopefully increase donations. As of today, the YouTube video has 1.7 million views after being posted only 3 weeks ago.


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