The Fine Line of Branding

I’ve always been attracted to IKEA’s sleek furniture at a reasonable price. I mean, building a dresser that has a million parts is a whole other story, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pulled a (500) Days of Summer and played house at IKEA.

One of my favourite things about visiting my local IKEA is that after I spend an hour or so exploring the different rooms and re-designing my entire house in my mind, I get to have lunch for under three dollars. So when I heard that IKEA is now brewing its own beer, I wasn’t that much shocked as I was confused. What does this mean?  And why is this necessary?

I mean, on one hand, I guess some people may like to have a beer when they are building their furniture, but at the same I don’t think this matches the brand identity at all. IKEA is a furniture store. They have a huge section for children and thrive off of a family lifestyle. That being said, their furniture is also noted as being very popular amongst young professionals living in condos and apartments. Perhaps brewing and selling their own beer is perfect for the 25 year olds entertaining on a budget.

The problem with a large retailer like IKEA is targeting the right market without offending others. Selling beer might be perfect for singles, but definitely not for the family driving their minivan.

Although IKEA has only started brewing its own beer at one location in Britain, it is possible that this can increase to other countries. So what do you think about IKEA brewing its own beer? Is this representative of their brand or do you think some might find it too focused on partying twenty year olds?


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