Cheese, Please!

If you know me, you know I love McDonald’s cheeseburgers. So when I saw this advertisement created by DDB Stockholm, it made me laugh. I’m not sure who in their right mind wouldn’t want cheese on their burgers, or why McDonald’s truly feels they have to defend their delicious creation of a burger (I know, I need to try more food) but alas, this ad does the trick. While it is wordy, it’s also comical, personable, and pretty accurate. So as the print ad states,“Call me crazy, but what can be better than cheese? What can be more satisfying than to let your mouth embrace a fresh cheeseburger? Not much, my friends. Not much.”



About theadstudent

Hi, I'm Jodi! Advertise on the Rise is my personal blog where I can share everything interesting relating to advertising. I love the advertising world and I want to share all the exciting news and concepts that I come across in my day to day life.
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