Andy Warhol + Campbell’s Soup = Awesome

To celebrate the 50th anniversary since Andy Warhol first showed his Campbell’s soup art, Campbell’s soup has created 4 limited edition soup cans sold exclusively at Target for 75 cents. This is quite a contrast to how Campbell’s originally responded to Andy Warhol. In 1962, when Campbell’s first learned that Warhol had used their iconic soup cans to make art, the company was planning to file legal action. After the paintings were received well by the public, Campbell’s decided to embrace the positive attention and even reached out to Warhol, thanking him and sending boxes of tomato soup to his house.

Andy Warhol is known for turning household items, regular objects, and day-to-day sightings into iconic pop art. He looked at the world as art, and expressed this though his paintings. The cans will only be available for a limited time so who wants to take a road trip to Target with me?



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