I Love the Olympics

Every two years, I face the same dilemma – which do I like better, the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics? Initially, I go straight to winter; bobsledding, skiing, snowboarding. Watching athletes do their flips and turns, in snow; what could be better? And then I am reminded of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt… and my new favourite Ali Reismann. The Summer Olympics are just as awesome as the Winter Olympics. I look forward to these two weeks every two years. So the age-old question, summer or winter, doesn’t even apply – the Olympics are just amazing. I love how every country can come together, peacefully, and show off their amazing and talented athletes. The athletes get to perform their unique abilities on a world stage. They are just so good at what they do. And to think, if only I stuck with gymnastics after I turned three…

Of course the internet has been bombarded with Olympic information; winners, losers, videos, and my favourite, memes. McKayla Maroney, the American vault gymnast is now not only famous for her unbelievable skills, but the face she made when she was disappointed with her performance.  British diver, Tom Daley, may want to reconsider how low he wears his swimwear after seeing how the television broadcast unnecessarily and coincidentally censored him.

Overall, the Olympics are truly epic. Watching athletes who spend four years practicing for their 5 minutes, sometimes even 5 seconds, of worldwide recognition is commendable. I’ll leave you with this Rona commercial, one of my favourite ads from the Olympics 2012.


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