Ads are Everywhere

On July 18, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City announced that it would offer advertising space on the front of the MetroCard for the first time ever. The MetroCard, which is the same size as any business card or credit card, will now contain ads on both the front and back. The only thing that will remain untouched is the black stripe so subway users will know where to swipe their card when using public transportation.

Advertisements on the back of the card will cost $25,500 for a circulation of 50,000 cards and $450,000 for 2.5 million cards. Rates for the front have not yet been determined.

Multiple ad campaigns will take place during the same time and the advertisement-filled cards will be put in the MetroCard machine together, along with the traditional yellow MetroCards. A user will not know which card they will get beforehand.

How do you feel about the MetroCard containing advertisements? I personally think it doesn’t matter; we see ads on television, on the streets, and on the radio. Ad placements have been in bus shelters and on public transportation since the early 20th century. If anything, I am surprised it has taken this long.


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