Getting Personal

Last year, I told you about Honda’s project to thank their Facebook followers by sending personal ‘Thank You’s’ every day to their fans in unique and creative ways. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese must have really liked the idea because this year, they decided to thank each and every person who liked their Facebook post through a campaign called Likeapella. The brand posted, “LIKE this post, and you never know what may happen” receiving a total of 4632 likes. All of the people who liked the post were surprised to find a video of the a capella group, The YellowJackets, singing an original song with their very own name in it and even some of their pictures. Little initiatives like this really speak out to consumers and show that the brand truly cares.


About theadstudent

Hi, I'm Jodi! Advertise on the Rise is my personal blog where I can share everything interesting relating to advertising. I love the advertising world and I want to share all the exciting news and concepts that I come across in my day to day life.
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