Peel It Away

Although only available in a promotional kit, the Smirnoff Caipiroska collection features a very unique peelable packing. Because this collection of vodka comes in three different fruity flavours, the peelable exterior represents the different fruit peels. Once you peel off the packing from the bottle, the clear bottle is presented with the traditional Smirnoff packaging. This unique packaging attempt is a creative way to introduce the new Smirnoff Capipiroska collection and will be very clear that everyone should expect fruity-flavored vodka. I wonder if it tastes as yummy as it looks!


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Hi, I'm Jodi! Advertise on the Rise is my personal blog where I can share everything interesting relating to advertising. I love the advertising world and I want to share all the exciting news and concepts that I come across in my day to day life.
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