Smiling From Ear to Ear

Coca-Cola has always been a brand to break boundaries with their innovative marketing strategies and unique sense of customer relations. Last year, Coca-Cola created the happiness machine. Looking just like a vending machine, except it delivered happiness in the form of Coca-Cola products and never-ending supplies of Coke bottles to a cafeteria filled with college students. The YouTube video of the event went viral, to say the least. Although over a year old, I still love watching the video of a vending machine in a school cafeteria that was taken over. It’s so creative yet so simple.

To celebrate their 125 global anniversary, Coca-Cola has taken their happiness machine to a new level and created the happiness truck. Driving around to different countries around the world, the truck delivers happiness to everyone it reaches. Two weeks ago the Happiness Truck hit downtown Toronto and my parents happened to be in the neighbourhood — it was conversation over dinner for the next three days. The concept is simple; press a button at the back of the truck and you get a prize. A bottle of coke, a soccer ball, a bouquet of flowers. In an effort to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary, the Happiness Truck is making its way around the world serving happiness wherever it stops.

In their latest attempt, Coca-Cola took over their Atlanta head office and turned the building into a 3D projection display. Visible throughout the city, the presentation will last a month.

The Coca-Cola Youtube channel features many more videos that are sure to make you smile. Visiting countries all around the world, Coca-Cola has not left out anyone. Bringing happiness to the world is their mission, and they are definitely succeeding with innovative techniques. The question is no longer, “where will happiness strike next?” but “what new ways will they bring happiness to the world?”


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