Is Google Not ‘Feeling Lucky’ Lately?

Considering Google is the largest, most dominant search engine, indexing billions of web pages with over a million searches each day, it’s commendable that the creators were in their early twenties when Google first launched. In fact, the main reason that the Google homepage is so simple is because the creators didn’t have any experience in building websites. The simplicity is what attracts its users. Google simply finds us the answers we all are desperate to seek.

While other popular web pages are constantly changing to increase revenues, modifying layouts and functions or encouraging new visitors, Google has barely changed since it was first created. With only two search options, the basic “Google Search” button and the “I’m feeling lucky” button, Google proves that simplicity is key.

Google is now trying to become even simpler by removing the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It’s actually reported that less than 1% of visitors click the button and it was removed temporarily two years ago. However, it seems that people wanted the button to stay since it served as a comfort button. No one uses it, but no one wants it gone either.

So why is Google all of a sudden talking about getting rid of the “I’m feeling lucky” button, this time for good? Well, for money. Apparently, the button costs the company approximately $110 million in annual revenue since once clicked, it takes users directly to the website and the ads on Google search pages aren’t shown.

A costly decision, but a good one — in my opinion. With such a small amount of people actually “feeling lucky” it makes sense to get rid of it.


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