UFC Will Pay Fighters to Tweet

While it seems that other professional sports associations are punishing their players with fines and suspensions for using Twitter, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has just released a statement claiming that they will be taking a completely opposite approach: bonuses for those who do tweet.

Many of the UFC fighters already have their own personal Twitter accounts, but with this news it wouldn’t come as a shock if all of the fighters start tweeting a lot more often. The fighters will be split up into four groups based on their present Twitter activity. At the end of each quarter, the fighter with the most tweets will be rewarded a $5000 bonus. Other ways that the fighters can receive bonuses will be for the most creative tweets, highest follower amount and even biggest percentage of followers gained.

This will not only help UFC fans learn about the UFC fighters on a more personal level, but it will likely create celebrities out of them. Knowing that they will be posting more often than usual, will this make you start following your favorite UFC fighter?

Originally posted by Jodi for Gyros Chicken on May 16, 2011


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