Blog To Watch: Dear Photograph

I just came across a blog that I found really interesting. It has the same concept as “FML” or “Dear Blank Please Blank” where people submit their own entries that can be posted for all to see. Dear Photograph shows an image of a person holding up a photo that was taken exactly there, many years ago. Then they write a comment such as “Dear Photograph, What was I thinking wearing that to prom? Sincerely, Sarah”. It’s really cool to see that although so much time has passed, the setting of the picture has remained the same. The blog was created three weeks ago so there are only a few entries at the moment, but I have a feeling this will get pretty big. Check out the blog here:


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Hi, I'm Jodi! Advertise on the Rise is my personal blog where I can share everything interesting relating to advertising. I love the advertising world and I want to share all the exciting news and concepts that I come across in my day to day life.
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