One For One

I recently came across a really cute pair of shoes from the brand TOMS. They were inexpensive, light and most importantly, comfortable. I immediately purchased a pair and the salesperson told me that the company, TOMS, donates a pair of shoes for each pair they sell. They call it the One For One Movement. On April 5th, TOMS ran an event called “One Day Without Shoes” and the world responded so positively, it made me think how so many brands can do something like this and help make a difference.

When brands pay millions for celebrity endorsement deals just to get someone to sport a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, it really makes you wonder if it is even worth it. Not only is it expensive, but many celebrities are just doing it for the money. TOMS doesn’t focus on getting the hippest celebrity to wear their shoes, they want them to know what TOMS is all about. It’s about helping those in need. To make a shoe that’s comfortable and well-made. Celebrities want to be part of this, without being paid off. And forget just celebrities, people want to be involved.

Congratulation TOMS. You really are an inspiration!


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