There are so many videos on YouTube that go viral for the simple fact that they are unique, entertaining and often time’s funny. Last year, Glee decided to get together 1,000 people and created a flash mob in busy locations around the world to promote the new season. The videos were really good. Not only was the chorography amazing, but watching the reaction of the people who happen to be in the right place at the right time, was priceless. Afterwards, there seemed to be an overload of different YouTube videos popping up of different flash mobs and they never got old to watch.

Deeming so popular on YouTube, Howie Mandel decided to turn this phenomenon into an actual show called Mobbed and it was aired after American Idol last week. The show was such a success that Fox picked up 8 more episodes! It’s great to know that popularity on YouTube can not only put a smile to almost everyone’s face, but it can actually create such a buzz that a TV series was created highlighting the concept.


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Hi, I'm Jodi! Advertise on the Rise is my personal blog where I can share everything interesting relating to advertising. I love the advertising world and I want to share all the exciting news and concepts that I come across in my day to day life.
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