Music Is Digital

Only 3 years ago, Justin Bieber was a regular 14 year old kid, who happened to love to sing and post his videos on YouTube for his family to see. Now how is a teen sensational, with mobs of girls following him around no matter what country he’s in. I don’t want to say that Justin Bieber started the trend, but ever since his popularity, more and more people have posted videos of themselves singing in hopes they’d get as lucky as he did.

Rebecca Black, a 13 year old girl with hopes of becoming a pop singer posted a music video on YouTube of her own single, Friday. Although she received extreme criticism, her video being called the “worst song ever”, she has hit 89,654,549 viewers to date.

Maria Aragon, a young girl from Canada, posted a video of her singing Lady Gaga’s, “Born This Way”. It got so much buzz that Lady Gaga reached out to her and even invited her to sing with her on stage at her Toronto concert at the Air Canada Center.

With so many viral videos and millions of viewers, it makes sense that MTV would decide to make an awards show dedicated to these people who put themselves out there for the world to see, alongside celebrities with the most unique online activity. The Open, Ongoing and Online Awards, also known as the MTV O Awards, will be broadcasted online on April 28th, 2011. People can vote on Twitter and Facebook for their favourite online singers, best videos, most viral dance, best fan cover, best remix and so on. As MTV puts it, “Music is digital. Celebrate. Vote. Share”.

I think this is a great opportunity to really showcase those that are talented and had the courage to share it with the world. Are you going to vote?


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