Where are the ads?

Super Bowl commercials have the highest viewership when compared to any other commercials, but because of simulcast, Canada sensors out the American ads with Canadian content. This is because the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruling stating that “Canadian stations buy the rights to air the Super Bowl in Canada, but they sell the commercial advertising slots to Canadian advertisers.” Many Canadians watch the American ads online, proving that people actually want to see the commercials. This year, approximately 111 million viewers watched the Super Bowl, which is an improvement from the 106.5 million who watched last year.

It was recorded that it costs approximately $2.6 million for each 30 second TV spot in America versus $100,000 during the Canadian broadcast. From a Canadian agency perspective, this can be a good thing. Knowing how many people are tuning in to the Super Bowl in Canada, the price for a commercial is not expensive at all in comparison to the prices in America. People really love the commercials during the Super Bowl so it is a perfect opportunity to create an ad that is interesting and creative, that can easily be compared to an American Super Bowl ad, with a much cheaper price tag. For some reason though, Canadian agencies aren’t presently taking advantage of this opportunity and instead they aired commercials that have been seen for months already.

So my question is why? Canadians are just as smart as Americans. Just as intelligent. Just as creative. Just as innovative. So, where are the ads?


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