One of a Kind

I’m really interested in pretty much anything that was displayed at an international film festival. The whole concept of an independent film that doesn’t have a huge budget or celebrity status backing it up really entices me. So when I heard that the most talked about movie from the 2010 Sundance Film Festival was “The Kids Are All Right”, I instantly wanted to see it.

The movie is about the life of two married women who have raised two children that were conceived by artificial insemination. Now that the kids are both teenagers, they have a sudden interest in meeting their biological father. As the movie continues, more twists and turns take place that change their family dynamic completely. The concept of the movie is a perfect display of what advertising should be today. It breaks boundaries. It touches on controversial ideas. It portrays something untraditional.

There were hardly any advertisements for the movie and it was playing only in selected theatres around Toronto, but already there is Oscar buzz for multiple categories.

Perhaps it’s because I’m an advertising student, but I can’t help but notice product placement and integration in movies and television shows. I think it is a brilliant idea if done right, but done wrong it just comes off as obnoxious and in your face. In pretty much every scene of “The Kids Are All Right”, one of the characters was wearing Freecity.

Freecity is a sweatshirt brand that thrives on being exclusive. They only sell their clothes at about 10 stores in the whole world, one being their own flagship store in Hollywood. It is so selective that they’ve created a community. You see someone else wearing a Freecity sweatshirt, and you instantly feel connected to them. Although popular, their main forms of advertisements are when celebrities are seen wearing a sweatshirt and are photographed by paparazzi.

I think that the product placement of Freecity sweatshirts in “The Kids Are All Right” was a perfect match. Both the movie and the clothing brand are so rare that they complement each other in the perfect way. It shows that Freecity is not only supporting local independent movies, but it is supporting every type of lifestyle.

It just goes to show that going mainstream is not the only way to succeed. It’s all about being different.

Update: Free City recently hosted the DVD release party for the Kids Are All Right. Check out some pictures from the event below (thanks to the Free City facebook page).


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